About Us

Our Mission

Jade Harvest was founded with health and history in mind. Our founders thoroughly believe that you need to know where something came from before you can know where it can go. The versatility of Hemp and its medicinal uses can be traced back to 5000 BC and was frequently used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The Jade Stone

In addition to medicine, one of the most prevalent aspects of Chinese culture is the Jade stone. Jade was designated to be the Royal Gem or Emperor's Stone and was only owned or worn by China's elite. Not only are Medicine and Jade similar in importance, they are also alike in practice and in lore. 

The Number 5

The number 5 has great significance in traditional Chinese medicine. The 5 virtues of health are highlighted by the 5 vital organs: Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Spleen, and Liver. Maintaining balance and harmony between these organ systems provides the foundation of inner health and wellness. This balance is aided by the benefits of Hemp.

In the lore of the Jade Stone, known mostly for its brilliant green and translucent color, there were 5 virtues named for it as well. These virtues were Benevolence for its luster, Honesty for its translucency, Wisdom for its tranquil and far-reaching tone, and Integrity and Bravery because it can be broken but not twisted. 

The Jade Harvest Promise

These defining traits in health and character drove our founders to create a company that would replicate these virtues in every aspect of our products, and the service of every customer as well.



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