Let the Zen Begin!

REST & RISE Zen Blends

We have engineered two new blends that takes the powerful effects of CBD and combines them with medicinal herbs that will elevate your experience to a heightened level of ZEN! Read more about our leap back into Jade Harvest's roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine with our Zenful formulations. 

RISE Zen Blend

Our formulation for our RISE tincture packs a massive amount of medicinal herbs all in one for the purpose of preparing you for all of the day's challenges! Along with our premium full spectrum CBD it combines the following herbs and their accompanying properties:

Hibiscus - Known for lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol for heart health. Increases metabolism for weight loss and is being estimated as having cancer fighting effects. Read More

Ginseng - Known for a multitude of medicinal properties such as: Potent antioxidant reducing inflammation, increased brain function, improve erectile dysfunction, cancer fighting, increase energy levels, and lower blood sugar. Just to name a few! Read More

Ginko Biloba - Known for being a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, increased blood circulation for heart health, mental stability reducing anxiety and depression, reduce headaches and migraines, lung support for asthma and COPD, and treats sexual dysfunction and PMS symptoms. Read More

Ginger Root - Known as a super anti-inflammatory, help treat morning sickness and nausea, reduce muscle pain and soreness, reduce blood sugar levels for heart health, treat chronic indigestion, reduce menstrual pains, lower cholesterol, and cancer fighting. Read More

Maca Root -  A highly nutritious supplement having a good source of Vitamin C, copper, and iron. Also, known for increased libido and fertility in men and women, reduce menopause symptoms, increased mood and energy, increased brain function, and reduce prostate size. Read More

 REST Zen Blend

Our REST formulation has been engineered for all of you CBD users out there that use our premium tinctures to get that mind of yours to calm down and get to sleep and stay that way! It again combines our premium full spectrum CBD with the following medicinal herbs and their properties:

*WARNING*: Read carefully. Due to the ability of these herbs to bring down a heightened system, this bottle should not be taken while operating heavy machinery or driving. Causes drowsiness!

Valerian Root - Know to induce calm and aid in quality sleep by reducing the breakdown of GABA. Read More

Skullcap - Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a sedative to reduce anxiety and boost heart health. Read More