CBD should be the new Daily Vitamin.

Why should CBD be in your daily routine?

The world today is being plagued by preventable diseases. The rate of heart disease, and autoimmune is on a meteoric rise. This rise is highly due to unhealthy conditions that we create in our lifestyles. We all know this. But do we ever change? Nope. Doing away with all the bad habits is just not in most of our vocabulary and doesn’t come easy for the rest of us. So, if we are not going to change the act, we must find some way to counter-act. Right?!

But to do this properly, you must understand what is happening to the body when these bad habits or lifestyle choices are making us sick and on our way to shortened lifespans and costly medical treatments. The average American family, right now, is just one health emergency away from bankruptcy. That is a scary thought.

Fortunately, it’s very simple to understand what’s happening to us even though the human body is very complex. What is happening to anyone and everyone on this planet that is threatened by preventable diseases and disorders can be summed up in one word. STRESS. Wait... what? Yes, you heard me. Stress! But, what the heck does money problems, heavy traffic and a crying baby on a plane have to do with heart disease and cancer? EVERYTHING. But that’s just a small picture. When we hear the word stress, our minds always go to our mental stresses. Money, family, work etc. But stress, by definition, is “the body’s response to ANY demand or threat.” Immediately, you can see how true STRESS includes more than just our problems that plague our mind.

So, stress, in a complete picture, can be any mental, physical or chemical demand or threat that our body experiences. I like to make this is even more simple. I call it the Three T’s of Stress. That’s your Thoughts, Trauma, and your Toxins. And when our body deals with an abnormal amount of the three T’s, it takes our vital systems out of homeostasis and leads to immune system responses such as inflammation that can effect our tissues, nerves, cells, and organ systems. It’s no wonder that the vast majority of preventable diseases and conditions end with those all too familiar letters, -itis. And -itis means inflammation. Are you starting to see the picture? I hope so.

Ultimately, making massive changes to our lifestyle is the number one defense to any external and internal stresses we may experience. But, that process can be long and difficult and you’re going to need some help along the way! As well as counter-act the external stresses that you just don’t have control over and are unavoidable regardless of preparation. This is where CBD and the endocannabinoid system comes in.

The endocannabinoid system is named after the plant that led to its discovery, Cannabis Sativa. It has become just as real and vital as your immune system, respiratory system, nervous system and circulatory system and has been seen to influence all of them. The endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. In each tissue, the endocannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: HOMEOSTASIS. Which is the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment. This is why Jade Harvest's full spectrum CBD oil can be used for maintaining and elevating the healthy AND people suffering from chronic issues.

Now, go enhance your health to a higher level and add some CBD to your daily defense!