CBD and Your Pets Wellbeing

Can CBD help with your pets Health and Wellbeing?

CBD has so many benefits for people of any age, gender and race. It is a universal, all- natural compound that is reshaping the way we take care of ourselves and allowing us to explore new heights of health like never before. But humans are not the only ones that get to enjoy the benefits of this amazing compound; your pets can too! CBD has been proven to have equal benefits for your furry friends, as well and the extent of these benefits. Let us dive in to the list of positives for both dogs and cats, especially. 

Both dogs and cats have CB receptors just like humans and CBD can help regulate many of your furry friends daily processes, like:

  • Good for cardiovascular health
  • Promotes an increased appetite
  • Helps shield the nervous system
  • Supports reduction of inflammation
  • Aids in reducing pain
  • Helps with alleviating anxiety
  • Combats malignant cell growth

    Using CBD can help with cardiovascular health by limiting the stress hormone cortisol. Which in turn helps reduce anxiety helping keeping the blood pressure at a more even rate. CBD is known to assist in the repair of damaged blood vessels, help reduce irregular heartbeats and even promote an increased appetite as well. Since stress and hormones have a lot to do with appetite, it is essential that your pet stays calm and happy. 


CBD also contains anti-infammation properties. It inhibits the production of inflammatory macrophages and is known to decrease chronic infammation. This is because CBD has the ability to decrease the production and release of inOammatory cytokines. Infammatory cytokines cause allergies, hypersensitivities and autoimmunity, but by taking CBD, you can potentially avert these issues.

If that is not enough, here are some more reasons CBD is beneficial for your furry friend. CBD is known to be a powerful antioxidant that has been proven to be more powerful than Vitamins C and E. There are still so many things we don't know as research is an on going process. 

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